Ars Ultima – Den Yttersta Konsten

A few years ago a Swedish/Danish group called AU caught my attention. They made an album thematically based on alchemy. Their music was a fusion of folk/medieval music and electronics/psychedelics. Now the same musicians have made this new album with strictly acoustic traditional music.

Ars Ultima has a raw and unpolished sound which fits the tradtional tunes very well. It is surprising that only two musicians (!!) can create the sounds and songs you hear on this album. You would expect at least three of four musicians.

The interpretation of the European folk and medieval tunes on Den Yttersta Konsten have a rich sound and the recordings have an authentical and natural feeling. Ars Ultima is like a rawer version of early Hedningarna and Garmarna, without the rock influences.

This album is recommended to all fans of traditional European music who dream of times long past.

artist: Ars Ultima
label: Laboratory, The
details: 11 tracks [LAB002]