Art of Infinity – Dimension universe

This is the second album I hear of the German formation Art of Infinity. They create an interesting mix of acoustic instruments, percussion and electronica. The musical style is also hard to describe. Somewhere between spacy ambient, floating new age, ethnic ritual music and progressive symphonic music?

The sound quality is excellent and my overall impression is that the band has evolved since ‘New Horizon’. The songs sound more adventurous and daring. Nevertheless references to Pink Floyd or other 70’s sympho and synthesizer music can be heard, but in a modernized manner. A nice touch are the female vocals, for instance on my favourite track ‘Cosmic Rain’. The new guest singer is Antje Schulz, known for the heavenly voices group Chandeen. Eva Wolf also sings on 3 tracks. ‘Three days winter’ contains male spoken vocals.

On their debut Art of Infity explored the subject of genesis and evolution, this time Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch lead you to the galaxy and back. There happens quite a lot in the music, suddenly you are treated to a tribal percussive part or a solitary saxophone solo.

The overall feeling is rather light and floating and slightly mysterious. Yet it is no easy listening music, because of the variation in sounds and instruments. The tracks also differ considerably in length, from 2 till 14 minutes.You can hear that they spent quite some time in the studio. This is nice headphone music, so you can hear all the details.

artist: Art of Infinity
label: Prudence
details: 8 tracks