Art of Infinity – New horizon

Art of Infinity is am ambient project from Germany, erected by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch in 1996. This mini album “New Horizon” was made in 2000. Its themes are oirgin and evolution, and the album received good critics. Thorsten and Thorsten mainly take care of the elctronic instruments, on this album they are supported by three other musicians: Eva Wolf (vocals), Stefan Höllering on Saxophone and Mathhias Krauss on various instruments. A new album, “Dimension Universe” is announced to be released in the spring/summer of 2003, by Atomic Pool Records.

The floating saxophone sound directly tell me that this won’t be a very dark variant of ambient. I have seen the comparison in other reviews, but I’m afraid that I have to be so unoriginal to compare the short opening track with Pink Floyd too. The somewhat exotic sounding female vocals on ‘Ocean in Space’ remind me of Delerium. The sound is at times a little spacy, taking you on a journey. The music on this cd is dominatly instrumental, but ‘Written in the sand’, my favourite track, and ‘Three days winter’, also reminding of Pink Floyd, contain nice mysterious male spoken words, which perfectly blend with the music. I was not surprised to read that music of this album has been used for a documentary, because it certainly has filmic qualities. About half of the album is filled by the monumental track ‘Evolution’, which takes you to many corners of the galaxy. Again it has some nice female vocals.

This is a very relaxing album, with a pleasant light sound, though perhaps a bit too polished. There a few moments, especially on the last two tracks, when I’m afraid that Art of Infinity drifts away to esoteric new age, but luckily then the music takes another turn. The varied mix of styles and sounds is well done and the compositions sound very thought-through. A subtle album with a lot of atmosphere.

artist: Art of Infinity
label: self-released
details: 5 tracks, 40 min.