Artridge – Finished soundtracks for unshot films

From the ashes of Arsenal comes Artridge. After quite some trouble with Arsenal, Robin Pleil and Christoph Mainz decided to continue their own way and start Artridge.

Artridge creates a world where electronic processing goes side by side with orchestral instrumentation, where soundscapes are just as normal as technoid beats. But beside the seemingly far more extreme types of music used, everything blends together really well. The overall mood of the CD is a dark one. The release starts with what seems to be a soundtrack to a twisted dark movie, shot in moist dark places deep under the pavements of Berlin.

Sadly there are a few points in the CD that are not so strong. Track 4 and 5 both break the mood so well set by the first three tracks. The technoid mood is broken by screaming guitars, and not too nice basslines. Later on the mood does return again, but not as strange and dark as before. A more releaxed film noir soundtrack is played for us.

Not a bad cd, but the changes in mood put me off a bit. None of the tracks is really bad though, but to me the first three tracks are simply the more interesting ones.

artist: Artridge
label: Interlink Audio
details: 8 tracks