Asja Auf Capri – Novi Ronde

Minimal electronics are back in all colors and flavors. Asja Auf Capri performs a weird and arty form of the style. Imagine a sound using references to bands like Malaria!, DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses and you know what to expect.

Chanson Risk’ is without a doubt very much inspired by both Malaria! and Liaisons Dangereuses and ‘La Ronde Poplar’ is a slowed down version of ‘Kebab Träume’ by DAF. ‘ ABC’s Elan’ is on the other hand a little more accessible, playful and contemporary sounding.

All tracks have their charm and despite the historical references a style of their own. Just to leave you in confusion is the last track, ‘Brandstifter’. An electronic punk piece that is rather different from the other tracks. But, it work very well.
This cd is now also re-released on vinyl, just the way it should be with this kind of music.

artist: Asja Auf Capri
label: Difficult Fun
details: 11 tracks [DF002]