Asmodeus X – untitled mini cd

From Houston, Texas this three track cd found its way to the Funprox headquarters. It contains about 14 minutes of music, with a suprising variety of styles. Asmodeus X, so the band is called, consists of three experienced bandmembers. Marshal and Paul Fedric were formerly active in agoth/metal band called Morphine Angel. The band was completed with guitar player Frank Faust, and got good reviews in the local Houston press. According to the bio, Asmodeus X creates a synthesis of electro, darkwave neo-folk and black metal elements. They claim to be influenced by Skinny Puppy, Mortiis, Apoptygma and Ministry, so they have a diverse background. That the electronic sounds of Asmodeus X are rather deviating could be correct, Paul Fredric uses the antique Theremin pioneering synthesizer.

The first song is a midtempo track called ‘Night Stalking’. Though it contains a mixture of electroncis and guitar, I mostly get an alternative rock/metal feel. This song did not leave a lasting impression. Next song, ‘Songs of glory’, has a short classical intro, followed by a part that makes me think of Kraftwerk’s ‘The Model’. It evolves into a very catchy synthpop tune, that could do well on the dancefloors. This song also contains some E-guitars in the background. Final track on this mini cd is ‘Wolf in the Sky’. After a threatening soundscape intro, an acoustic guitar sets the tone, and when the vocals join an intimate singer-songwriter tune seems to be created. But this does not take long, a loud guitar and a bombastic refrain spoil the atmosphere a little.

Well, a varied mini cd, with a promising performance of Asmodeus X, especially the second track has hit potential. I did not like all parts of the cd though, and I think they don’t have found an own style yet. But I would not be surprised to hear more of them in the future.

artist: Asmodeus X
label: self-released