Asphalt Leash – Theories in sonic warfare

The title sounds rather threatening… This cdr, recorded in 1998 and released on the Mechanoise Labs label, certainly does not contain a lot of ear-friendly music. The first track, ‘Severe’, is a rather straightforward rhythmic noise track, with really powerful beats. ‘Salvo’ is really hard to digest, with squeaking sounds, extreme frequencies and machinegun salvos. But there is much more music on the cd that irritates. In fact, it seems to be one of the main targets. This is not music to please you. It defies you, it tries to rattle your senses, it’s very physical. It takes you to a world of rusty machines. Beats, noises and chaotic structures are on the hard to digest menu.

At times the pace is slow, and you are treated to a harsh soundscape (‘140 dB’). But on the next tracks things get more violent, with brutal noise assaults (‘Dictator’, ‘Stagnation’). The music on this release sounds gritty and uncompromising. You must have quite some stamina to endure this music for over an hour. But when you are in the mood for some noise to shake you up from your daily routines, try Asphalt Lease…

artist: Asphalt Leash
label: Mechanoise Labs
details: 12 tracks, 62 minutes