Astral Surf Gypsies – Breath of the rat lady

Astral Surf Gypsies, with a name like that you can expect anything, except for straightforward pop music. They are a duo from Ohio, consisting of Daniel Anthony Ezekiel Niehaus and Justin Patrick Moore. They create strange psychedelic soundscapes, with a mixture of unrecognisably manipulated guitar and vocals, synth drones and other distorted sound sources mixed with a slightly occult atmosphere. You can call it strange, you can call it avantgarde or you can call it something for hippies who stayed in their last trip. If you have an interest in the weirdest psychedelic 60’s folk or if you find the early work of Current 93 or Nurse with Wound easy listening, you could give the Astral Surf Gypsies a listen. I’m afraid I’m on another planet though.

artist: Astral Surf Gypsies
label: Bunkier Productions
details: cdr, 7 tracks, 48 min. [BVI]