Ataraxia – Arcana Eco / Obscura 1

For many years Ataraxia is one of the best known neo-classical bands in the world. The Italian band has released many records on various labels. Ark records now released a cd and book, which can be seen as a tribute and celebration to the work of the band.

The book consists of texts about elements that are the sources of inspiration for the musicians. Topics on which is written in the book are stones, water, dreams and light. Next to that the book features a lot of beautiful photos of the band, individual musicians and atmospheric settings. All of this is in full color. The result is a wonderful book to read and simply to look in. It is available in English and Italian.

On the cd are seven tracks ,of which four are new tracks and the other three are exclusive unreleased versions. The music is all you can expect from Ataraxia. It is tranquil and ethereal neo-classical music played with acoustic instruments, but with some wave synth parts in it, and operatic singing.

Ark Records have released a beautiful product with this cd and book. It is a true homage to a great band that maybe gets too little attention recently.

artist: Ataraxia
label: Ark Records
details: 7 tracks, + 164 page book, [ARK004 + OBS001]