Ataraxia – Des Paroles Blanches

A mini cd with three tracks from Ataraxia, on the new French label Arkadyss Creations. It is a conceptual release, dedicated to the endless light Norman landscapes. “Where struggle leads to purification and the communion with nature to the abandon of the body armor to get the lightness of birds and the purity of the air.” The nice looking digipack is also very bright and white.

It lasts just over 20 minutes and contains three tracks: ‘Etretat’, ‘Veules Les Roses’ and ‘Hovering (part I, part II)’. Ataraxia fans will certainly like this albu, because it contains their typical trademarks. Francesca’s peculiar, at times operatic voice, skilled acoustic guitar playing, classical instruments like clarinet and flute and atmospheric keyboards. Overall the album is rather tranquil, moody and romantic. Nicely flowing songs which make you think of the white cliffs of Normandy and the cute old towns situated there. If you go to that area this summer, be sure to take this cd with you as your travel guide. Otherwise, just listen to it at home and let your imagination do the rest.

There exists also a 10″ vinyl edition of this single. Their new album “Saphir” will be released this moon on Cruel Moon/Cold Meat.

artist: Ataraxia
label: Arkadyss
details: 3 tracks [AKCD001]