Atomtrakt – Verwüstung

Atomtrakt, the name sounds threatening. This project was founded early 2003, ‘Verwüstung’ is their first release. I think this act originally comes from black metal circles. The dominantly instrumental tracks on this mcd sounds rather apocalyptic. Ambient and orchestral music with bombastic drums, moody keyboards, choirs and distorted voices, not tranquil and smooth, with martial and industrial elements. A cold soundtrack to a postwar scenery of a destroyed urban landscape. Not entirely original, but well-executed. An act to keep an eye on. You can download this mcd on

Originally ‘Verwüstung’ was released as a cd-r, now there are also more official releases by the Ukranian label Bloodhead Productions and the Russian label Einsamkeit Productions. Furthermore a 7″ EP will be released in early 2005 by the German label MND Records.

artist: Atomtrakt
label: self-released
details: mcd