Atrabilis Sunrise – Altered alternative (boredom level)

I like gritty ambience. When ambience is too smooth and produced like a pop record, in many cases the mood is destroyed. I would not consider Atrabilis Sunrise (continuation of dark-industrial act Catharsis) to be ambient. It definitely has ambient and dark-industrial influences, but it’s more varied, harsh and complex in structure. It’s affected by too many musical styles to call it just that.

It’s a little psychotic, a little edgy and pretty disturbing. Ranging from decent ambient, to hammering industrial, to weird sonic experimentation Atrabilis Sunrise knows how to retain the attention of the listener. Filthy distorted noises, a lot of breaks, broken percussion and sizzling electronics. A soundtrack to a fever dream.

I cannot pinpoint the exact influences of this project. Brighter Death Now an Atrax Morgue? Scorn and Mental Destruction? It’s quite clear that ‘Padre P.C.’ is followings his own somewhat strange musical route, maniacal and dark. Enjoyable insanity in 17 tracks without reaching the boredom level.

artist: Atrabilis Sunrise
label: Deserted Factory
details: 17 tracks, 55 min, 2004