Atrium Carceri -­ Kapnobatai

Atrium Carceri already impressed me with some intense and very dark ambient music. Therefore this new album was a release I was looking forward to.

Simon Heath (the composer) takes the listener again on a dark voyage which leads far away from everyday life and normal people. With an eye for every little detail, he builts a frightening world of sound around you. A world you cannot escape. The sounds and moods are subtle but overwhelming. They force you to become silent and aware of all things around you.

Kapnobatai takes you to a world that seems deserted at first but is all but that. This record is truly frightening and haunting. I recommend not to listen to this record in the dark when you are alone. But, it is an absolute great achievement by the musician.

artist: Atrium Carceri
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: cd, 14 tracks [CMI148]


  1. I agree with You entirely. Great album!!