Atrium Carceri – Seishinbyouin

This is the second album by Atrium Carceri. This act produces very dark ambient music that will keep you awake for sure.

Seishinbyouin means lunatic asylum in Japanese. As the title suggests Atrium Caceri takes you into the depths of a haunting and terrifying mental hospital. One that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. One where the doctors and wards don’t look and act like normal people. And, one that you will remember forever, if you get out.

You will hear horrific screams and cries when entering the asylum. You will hear strange mumbling and water dripping from the walls when going deeper, and chains rattling and doors screeching when trying to get out.

The record is buit up in a well thought of way. It really tells the story from entering untill getting out of the asylum. Thus expect the music to become more and more intense while listening to the album.

This is an extreme dark musical score to your scariest nightmare.

artist: Atrium Carceri
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 14 tracks [CMI133]