Audioplug – X-posed

The Italian label Decadance Records often releases danceable, poppy electronic music. Audioplug is no exception. This group with three members was founded in 2002. On ‘X-posed’ they create a fusion of techno, EBM and synthpop, rather straightforward dance music. Somewhat robotic (but not convincing) vocals, a pounding techno beat, spacy trancey sounds and catchy synth melodies should entice you to storm the dancefloor. The title track strongly reminds me of Covenant, though less good. Well, it all sounds very contemporary, I envision young people in fluorescent clothes jumping up and down at this future pop. Personally I’m not deeply touched by Audioplug, they do not seem to ‘X-pose’ much beneath the surface.

artist: Audioplug
label: Decadance Records
details: 11 tracks [cd 0107]