Augur – Like little machines

Augur is quite an obscure project. Although I have heard of the project time and again, I must admit I have only heard their collaboration work with ‘Birds of Tin’ on the Manifold label. This cd apparently comes without a frontcover and has very minimal design (which fits quite well I must say).

The 9 tracks on this album are all pretty quiet and on the background. The tracks consist of loops with drones and hisses, and an occasional soundburst. The overall approach reminds me a lot of older Zoviet France or perhaps of more loop-based works by Aube. The loopy and rattling atmosphere and the constant rumbling certainly makes me understand why the cd is called ‘Like little machines’. Although they could have added: “and like some very big ones as well!”. Very lovely and hypnotizing.

artist: Augur
label: Rectrix, the
details: (TF2)