Aural Planet – Reworked

Apparently this Polish dance act did another release which was used to re-work and remix on this CD. The album contains remixes by bands I have never heard of (by a totally undiscovered Polish scene).

The music of Aural Planet can be classified as ?dance? with influences by the idm, glitch and breakbeat genres. The production and compositions are all to a very high standard, but although this makes it a very nice dance album, I find that there is something lacking. Everything is very smooth and full of detail, but yet there is nothing that makes the record stand out.

It is somehow not very appealing to me. Perhaps this is because the record is simply not very original, or perhaps it is because throwing in a lot of remixes on one album makes it lose its ?story?. I?m not sure what it is exactly (perhaps ?shallow? is the word I?m looking for), but I find this release a bit ?edgeless?, which is a shame for something that is so well produced and detailed.

artist: Aural Planet
label: Vivo Records
details: 11 tracks, vivo2004 012