Ausgang Verboten – Entertainment

Genetic Music is known for its minimal elektro releases. They release both new music and re-issues of lost 80’s recordings. This lp is one of those forgotten beauties from the past.

Entertainment by Ausgang Verboten was originally released on tape in 1984. The music is rather grim at times, especially the vocals. The music shows some comparisons with Kraftwerk and is built around minimal drums, basslines and bleeps.

‘Amusement’ and ‘Consumer’ are the most catchy pieces. ‘Consumer’ sounds like early Suicide Commando meets Kraftwerk! An instant hit if you ask me. ‘Joy and Ease’ is the most happy song with some very clear Kraftwerk influences.

This lp is not just a nice historical recording but also still a very enjoyable album, musically better and more interesting than some contemporary acts and releases.

artist: Ausgang Verboten
label: Genetic Music
details: 12”, 8 tracks [ gen015]