Autodigest – A compressed history of everything ever recorded vol.1

It is not clear to me who or what this project called ?Autodigest? is exactly, but from the moment I pressed the play button of my CD player I was totally awed by this CD.

Apparently this project comes from the Portugese electronic arts and experimental music scene, and somehow compressed all their works on this CD (or is it really a history of EVERYTHING ever recorded? It makes you wonder?).

Compositionally, the music on this disc reminds me of the Electro-acoustic compositions from the Empreintes Digitales or INA GRM areas, but somehow it is way more dark and industrialised (maybe this is because of the massive use of reverb, which the electroacoustic scene does not seem to like very much, or maybe because the sounds are sharper and noisier). It certainly also reminds me of Rehberg & Bauer?s releases on Touch and Mego, which seem to radiate something that is almost evil, and certainly agressive.

It therefore commes highly recommended to all that are into extreme audio-processing, tip!

artist: Autodigest
label: Cr?nica
details: [Cr?nica 006~2003]