Autodigest – A compressed history of everything ever recorded vol.2

After a highly interesting and surprising debut (see review on this website), Autodigest presents their second work. This time it is released on both Cronica and Ash International.

While the first work focussed on highly processed and very abstract digital sounds, this work is a bit less intense. The CD contains one long track that is made up entirely of various audiences cheering and applauding. This results in one hour of pure applause, which at certain points almost becomes a mantra or some weird sort of drone. This long stretched ?noise? has quite a comical effect, but is also very interesting, since it affects our senses in a certain way. Because the applause is stretched for so long, it sometimes loses its ?recognizable? character and turns into a very weird sort of repetitive noise (try repeating the same word over and over, and you will see that it loses it?s meaning ? this CD has the same kind of effect).

Although this work is quite fascinating, it does not really live up to my expectations. The first disc has been in my CD-player very often, and proved an interesting CD to listen to. I doubt that this CD will be played over and over again by me, since it is far more (too?) conceptual. Nevertheless, this constant applause may be very appealing to the egomaniacs out there?

artist: Autodigest
label: Cr?nica
details: Cr?nica 016~2004 / Ash International 6.1