Autumnblaze – Words Are Not What They Seem

Autumnblaze is a new band to me, even though this is their fourth record. Words Are Not What They Seem is a melancholic rock album. The songs are very moody with lots of room for tranquil pieces. When listening you feel that any second the tranquil mood can change and the songs may burst out into a fierce and energetic movement.

This is also exactly what happens in most of the songs. Moody and tranquil pieces and energetic and loud movements flow in and out of each other smoothly. These changes in tempo and loudness come often unexpectedly even though you know they are coming. This is done very well.

It is hard to define the sound and style of Autumnblaze. You could call this something like post-grunge in one way or another, or emo-rock maybe. The music on < I> Words Are Not What They Seem is like a more rock, and even slightly pop, version of Tool. Also Life of Agony springs to mind.

Anyway, this band surprised me with this strong album. Even more when taking into account that I don’t really appreciate this kind of music most of the time.

artist: Autumnblaze
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 10 tracks [PRO072]