Autunna et sa Rose – L’Art et la Mort

A lot of attention has been paid to the packaging of this record. The cd comes in a full color glossy booklet with extensive information on the music. Musically you could describe this release as chamber music or classic gothic inspired theatre music.

Even though the piano melodies and the poetry that is set lose on you is nice, at times I cannot escape the feeling this release is a bit too pretentious. There are too much gothic clichés used and the tone and mood of the record is too much about exposing the artist knowledge of art, history and culture. The music itself seems to be just something on the side.

Maybe some people can look beyond this and see the quality of it, but the music is spoiled by the mood and atmosphere the musicians create with their lessons.

artist: Autunna et sa Rose
label: Ark Records
details: Cd, 10 tracks [ARK008]