Avaritia – Pulse

Recently there have been numerous new gothic rock releases of high quality. Acts like Frank the Baptist, Kiss the Blade and Screams For Tina all play music which has its root in the 80’s but sounds very good and up to date.
Avaritia has a classic gothic rock line-up with a guitarist and drumcomputer as it main elements. The guitar riffs sound very much like those The Sisters of Mercy played on their first 12”-es. But due to the combination with the female vocals Avaritia sounds more like Ghost Dance. The light, not too dark but spherical gothic rock sound of Avaritia has a lot in common with the music of this 80’s band.
Songs like ‘And here they are’ and ‘Strangers’ are good examples of this classic gothic sound. The band also manages to surprise the listener. ‘Summer gone’ is for example more like a melancholy Smiths song than gothic rock. ‘Your inability’ is the strongest and most original song of the band on Pulse.

Avaritia plays pure gothic rock, and they are good at it. The only thing is that this mini album is only for the real devotee, musically there is nothing new to it.

artist: Avaritia
label: Equinoxe Records