Avenpitch – Avenpitch

Cheap keyboards, poppy synths melodies, trashy half-rapped vocals, garage guitars. We’re clearly dealing with an act from Chicago-based Omega Point Records here, specialized in DIY electropunk with a humourous twist. Avenpitch is an act from Minneapolis, who openly declare their love for New Order, Popp Will Eat Itself, Public Enemy and Mötley Crue. The unpretentious pleasure that the groups displays works quite infectious. In no time you’re moving along to ‘Walrus teeth’ (“You’re so happy, it makes me sick!”). Apparently Avenpitch live shows are pure punk (‘never mind the synthesizers’). The only thing that you can really say about this cd is that it is pure entertainment. 38 minutes is long enough for this cd with a high sillyness level though.

artist: Avenpitch
label: Omega Point Records
details: 10 tracks