Axoe – Telegraphic

Axoe is a new name for me. But judging by this album, this band has the potential to become quite well-known. Because their synthpop songs sound accessible and are well-made. They are an American band, whose debut album was originally a self-produced effort, but now they have made a deal with the Italian label Decadance Records. Bandmembers are Evan Sornstein (who used to be in the band Battery) and Patrick O’ Connor. They created this album with software alone, only for the vocals some additional equipment was used besides the computer.

On “Telegraphic” 12 poppy electronic songs can be found, as well as 4 remixes. Various songs, like the title track or ‘Fallen’ (VNV-like), have quite some hit potential, but are still tasteful. ‘ Fallen’ is somewhat slower, and has a nice melancholic and romantic 80’s feel. Of course there is always the influence of Depeche Mode, as well as some more contemporary German and Scandinavian synthpop bands. ‘The well’ really reminds me of some synthpop classic, perhaps something by Rational Youth? Oh no, it’s ‘The great commandment’ by Camouflage. To be honest, Axoe are not revolutionaries. But their music is pleasant to listen to, nice melodies and good variation between dancetracks and introspective moments. I must say that it is a bit too much to consume all songs at once, not all tracks can keep my attention then. Especially the soft vocals get a little on my nerves then. But if you can appreciate a light electronic poppy sound, without any sharp edges, you can safily try Axoe.

artist: Axoe
label: Decadance Records
details: 16 tracks [cd0106]