Axon Neuron/Vagwa – Lohe

:Lohe: is a limited 10″ with very nice looking artwork of Russian icons, as well as a postcard and inserts. There will also be created a very limited boxset, with an extra split cdr with Ragnarune. :Lohe: will be released on February 14th with a party in Rostock.

It is a tranquil record with four tracks, somewhere between classical and ambient. The first track, ‘Monument’, is a good introduction, rather minimal, bot moving and cinematic, with dramatic sweeping strings. It makes me think somewhat of Regard Extreme. The three following tracks have more different elements. On the basis are symphonic arrangements. Historical speech samples and sacral choirs enhance the lovely atmosphere further. An act which comes to mind is Les Joyaux de la Princesse. The record start slow and slowly the tracks gain in intensity, becoming almost martial in the final track ‘Lohe II – In Memoriam’. The music as a whole has a religious feel, though the themes of the record seem to deal more with war and Europe.

Axon Neuron(/Vagwa) exists for quite some years now and has released quite a number of tapes and cdr’s so far. Some of them have been quite martial or industrial, but their latest offering is rather tranquil and introspective. :Lohe: is a very nice record with a lot of atmosphere. At times nostalgic, mostly sacred and monumental sounding.

artist: Axon Neuron/Vagwa
label: Eternal Soul Records
details: 10', 4 tracks (lim. 300 copies) [es 11]