Baard – Life in a goldfish bowl

Next to loads of new electro that is being released there is a definite increase in interest in the predecessor and pioneers of the genre. The German Genetic Music label releases next to new, but clearly 80’s inspired, synth/electro pop also obscure 80’s electro.

They have already released a cd by V-Sor,X, an electronic wave band from the 80’s, and soon there will be a 3-lp box set with a lot of 80’s music on it with amongst others the legendary minimal wave band Absolute Body Control. ‘Life in a goldfish bowl’ is a 7” single from the Swedish Alexander Bard, who would later become known with The Army of Lovers This single was originally released in 1982 and has since then gained cult status within the wave/electro scene. The song is a moody minimal piece of electro pop, a bit like the music Snowy Red and Gary Numan used to play. The b-side, ‘Savior For The Nations’, is in the same style but only darker.

It is great that this music is available again because finding the original pressing is not a real option. This is really cult, an obscure release for the true collector.

artist: Baard
label: Genetic Music
details: 7', 2 tracks [gen012]