Babyflesh – New wave of cynicism

Babyflesh is the only Norwegian death-industrial act, at least according to it’s label Vendlus. And I have to admit, I can’t come up with any other act, so it might actually be true. Even though there are a lot of death-industrial acts from Scandinavia, Babyflesh may very well be the first from Norway.

New wave of cynicism is the second release by Babyflesh. The first CD-R release is unknown to me, though I will probably try to get it in the near future, as I do really like what I hear. Though Babyflesh uses more power-electronics, it might very well be compared to Megaptera and BDN, stylish as well as in quality. It’s a killer release for sure, a must have for death-industrial fans. From the intro “Bridges are burning” to “Sleeping With Knives”, one is overwelmed by the sound that progresses, gets into your head.

This album even has a message, a message already hinted at in the title of the release. Babyflesh’s own explanation comes from an interview with Filth Forge:
“For a very long time we’ve been cursed with this sort of cowardly way of handling the increasing problems we have in our society by burying our heads in the sand. The type of kindness and tolerance that has proved to do no good, and only make matters worse. At some point I am convinced it will be the death of us, unless, as the title indicates, we see a new wave of cynicism. It might have started already…”

artist: Babyflesh
label: Vendlus
details: 2005, 8 tracks