Backworld – Hands of ash

A modest single from Backworld, the American neofolk formation around Jospeh Budenholzer. The sleeve is rather plain, greyish with a face in the background as a watermark. The single itself is of transparent grey vinyl, with no text on the label whatsoever.
This 7″ contains two songs from the latest “Of Silver Sleep” album, both in slightly remixed versions. ‘Hands of Ash’ is a midtempo, intimate song, suited to perfrom at a campfire. ‘Melody’ is one of my favourite Backworld songs. The lyrics deal with the annual birth, death and rebirth of crops. It’s a happy, swinging tune, with a sixties feel. It has a nice combination of instruments and a catchy refrain.
‘And you know we will always be / Born to die again / Let the winter descend on me / Like a melody.’

artist: Backworld
label: World Serpent
details: 7', 2 tracks. limited to 500 copies.