Backworld – Seeds of Love

Exciting, a mini cd with new material from Backworld, the project of the American Joseph Budenholzer who seems to be based in SCotland nowadays. It’s the first release in two years, and I was looking out for it. There are 5 songs on this EP, which is enhanced by various guest appearances, like David Tibet (Current 93), Rose McDowall (Coil) and even Isobel Campbell (Belle and Sebastian). Packaging seems to be of little importance nowadays, after the ugly cover of the live album “The fourth wall” this new mcd comes in an even less attractive cardboard sleeve.

But who complains about appearance when the inside is beautiful. ‘Seeds of Love’ really is a typical Backworld tune, a romantic acoustic song with the warm voice of Budenholzer and an instant classic. ‘Tammy’ is a cover of a nostalgic 50’s girl group song, a sweet mesmerizing lullaby with lovely female vocals vy Campbell. You may know the track ‘This tree born of man’s affliction’ from the compilation “On the Brink of Infinity”. Strange, on that compilation I found this restrained song a little disappointing, but in this context of other Backworld songs it works quite well. ‘The Lamb and the Lion’ is an ideal lament for David Tibet to display his moving, tormented vocals. Finally ‘Three days’ is a slow, introspective instrumental song, with lovely guitar work and melancholic cello.

Just 17 minutes of charming music by Budenholzer and various other acclaimed musicians, which make you long for the upcoming full-length Backworld album “Good Infection”.

artist: Backworld
label: World Serpent
details: 5 tracks.