Backworld – The Fourth Wall

After four fine studio albums Backworld offers us now a live cd, recorded in April 2001 in London, when the band supported Current 93. The line-up for this occasion was Joseph Budenholzer (vocals guitar), Julia Kent (cello). Paul Geluso (bass) & Todd Cohen of Antony & The Johnsons (drums), with guests Robert Lee (viola, guitar) and Rose McDowall of Sorrow, who sings a beautiful duet with Budenholzer on The Devil’s Plaything.
The disc contains 9 tracks, mostly from the last two albums and has a rather short duration, but it is being sold for a reasonable price. The package is a bit disappointing, the psychedelic front isn’t a highlight in the history of record covers, and a little booklet with some action photos would have been nice.
I think this live recording is mostly interesting for people who already own their previous albums and who can’t get enough of the folky music of Backworld. The sound quality is clear and the musicians have enough experience to perform well on stage, although I have the feeling they sounded more impressive when I saw them in Leipzig a few years ago. . The overall mood is rather light and poppy, and the dic contains some nice intimate moments, with The Devil’s Plaything as the highlight…

artist: Backworld
label: World Serpent
details: 9 tracks