Baghiri, Amir – Ghazal

This new CD by Amir Baghiri, called ?Ghazal?, came to me as quite a surprise. I expected to hear more of the ethnic ambient that I associated with Baghiri (like the amplexus stuff). On this CD, however, Baghiri presents some very rhythmic and danceable tracks.

The tracks sound like some sort of ?pop? music from Iran, Irak, or perhaps Syria. Uptempo drum rhythms and Iranian singing form a moody and exciting atmosphere that can perhaps best be compared to the danceable releases by Muslimgauze. ?Ghazal? certainly has the same kind of ?in your face? attitude that the Muslimgauze works are so well known for. But, admittedly, the tracks are also less industrial, and far more energetic. While real ?pop? music from the middle east tends to be way too poppy (and often downright annoying), Baghiri manages to fuse ?pop? and ?classical? elements into a perfect mix.

Surprises can be very nice, and I have to say that I?m quite stunned by this album. The overall quality and atmosphere are very impressive and the beats are simply very addictive. This album reminded me of trips in North Africa and the Middle East, and is certainly one of the best soundtracks for desert travellers.

artist: Baghiri, Amir
label: Vivo Records
details: 13 tracks, vivo 2004 013CD