Bahntier – Revulsive

Italy-based Stefano Rossello is :Bahntier//, a project that moved from ambient sounds, when it started in 1999, to more percussive, industrial sounds. With this move the project seems to have done a good thing. Though I don’t know their ambient work, this industrial work tastes like more. It is experimental, but doesn’t loose sight of the song.

The samples used are well-incorporated into the song, and especially the way they sound gives good expression to the title of this album. Expect a lot of percussion to structure the songs and the album. Percussion that leads the listener to places unexpected, even when threading well-known paths. Still, the fact that this album thrives on the percussion, also means that when the percussion goes on in the same vein for too long, the song gets boring, this happens just a bit too often on this album.

When the percussion fades away, industrial soundscapes arise, as on ‘Bandage’, where a soft-voiced violin sample covers the screams of those who suffer. A great track in itself, this doesn’t belong on this album, gives it too much of a compilation-feeling.

Though there are some critical remarks, this album can be recommended to every listener of experimental electro-industrial and might even get broader attention, with those who like harsh percussion.

artist: Bahntier
label: Rustblade
details: 2004, 11 tracks