Baker, Aidan – An intricate course of deception

Multi talent Aidan Baker from Toronto is back with a new CD. This time on Angle Rec. Aidan Baker has released a string of records on several labels the recent years, and has bene one of the more active names in drone music for sure.

On this release Baker shows his talent to create wonderful meandering drones once again. The first track is a 25 minute piece, full of many wonderful details, combined with slowly changing layers of droning sounds.
The second track is another long one, 18 minutes. This time Baker uses more clear and upfront melodies, slowly moving the track to an almost psychedelic outburst of distorted guitars.
Track three and four are a bit more noisy and less spun out. But together they form a nice ending to the cd.

This cd is one of the best releases by Aidan Baker that I know. A wonderful deep droning record, with a lovely psychedelic flavour to it. If you are interested in slow droning psychedelica please give this record a try, you wont be disapointed!

artist: Baker, Aidan
label: Angle Rec.
details: lim. to 300 copies. april 2004 [.A.R.05.01.]