B.A.R.K. – [tid]

B.A.R.K is a relatively new folk act from Sweden. Their music fits in nicely with other modern folk acts from Scandinavian, like Garmarna and Sorten Muld. Like them B.A.R.K mixes electronic (dance) music with traditional Scandinavian folk tunes. As said other acts have done this before but B.A.R.K have definitely found a place and a sound of their own among these acts.

On their debut album [tid] they combine jungle, break-beat, and dub rhythms with traditional music and lyrics. The electronic textures and acoustic pieces go along in a wonderful and harmonic way that couldn’t have been done better. The overall feeling is very natural. Although the electronic beats are often dance orientated they seldom dominate the sound. Only the deep bass sounds are at times a bit too present.

Tracks like Koral, Kantele and the title track are excellent examples of B.A.R.K’s musical skills. They show the bands capability to produce both good dance music and soothing songs at the same time. This is one of the best new folk albums / bands I have heard in a long time. B.A.R.K are at the moment in the studio recording a follow up. So watch out for a new album somewhere next year and in the meantime enjoy this one.

artist: B.A.R.K.
label: Soundpropulsion