Bastard Noise / Igor Krutogolov / Chaos as Shelter – The Geometry of Soul

This collaboration CD was created by Bastard Noise, Igor Krutogolov and Chaos as Shelter. Bastard Noise is the noise project of ex-Man is the Bastard member Eric Wood. Igor Krutogolov is known for his project Agnivolok. Chaos as Shelter is known for their multitude of releases on various labels such as Crowd Control and Drone.

This CD contains a strange mix of noise and folky sounds (singing and traditional instuments). The arrangements are not very clear and the tracks soon become a total mess of sounds. This is a bit too chaotic for my tastes, and since the separate works of these acts are excellent, I must say that this CD is a bit of a waste of time and money (you can better buy a solo work of one of these acts).

artist: Bastard Noise / Igor Krutogolov / Chaos as Shelter
label: Topheth Prophet
details: split cd, 5 traks [TP002]