Bastards of Love – 2

This is the second Bastards of Love release, and again on the Privatvergnügen series of the We Rock Like Crazy label. On the first 12” Bastards of Love gave the listener a treat of dirty distorted elektro punk with a new wave and minimal twist at times. Also on the first EP were some cover songs from bands as diverse as Ministry and Club Moral. Again on this second release there are some cover songs to be found. This time amongst others from bands like The Cure and Sixth Comm.

Opening track ‘Neiflheim’ comes as a surprise after listening to the first release. The sound of this track is pretty clear and very much in a traditional EBM style. This song is an instant dancefloor hit if you ask me. Funny and playful is the ‘Plastic Passion’ version featured on this record. ‘Abmarsch’on the other hand is more like the sound of the first release. It is fast, dirty and loud elektro punk. Really a great track and another one for the dancefloor.

As a whole this EP is quite diverse. It is also more accesible than the first EP, more poppy at times. This doesn’t mean it is not good. The opposite is true. This record might get more people interested in this music.
I am curious if this one will be sold out as soon as the previous one (that was sold out in pre-orders)….

artist: Bastards of Love
label: Privatvergnügen
details: 12”, 5 tracks [privatvergnügen x.2]