Bastards Of Love – Rituals

Yet another remix 12” from the We Rock Like Crazy label. This time Bastards of Love is being remixed four times by different artists. Too bad the original version is not included on this 12”, it is always nice to have it on the same record as reference.

Rude 66 makes the track (‘Rituals’) his own with his typical vocoder elektro style. It is very much a classic elektro track, and a solid one, only too long (almost eight minutes) to keep the attention of the listener and the dancer.

The LJ Kruzer version is a bit of a lounge track, very tranquil and relaxing. After that the Popshop remix is a little bit unsettling. It is a mainstream and trendy dance piece. Luckily Second Decay closes the record with more style and taste. Their rework makes Rituals’ a classic synhtpop track including emotional vocals, nice bleepy sounds and wavy synthlines.

Except for the Popshop remix, all versions have their own strengths. Still I like the original sound of Bastards Of Love better, but it is a nice collector item for the fans.

artist: Bastards Of Love
label: We Rock Like Crazy
details: 12”, 4 tracks, 2005 [WRLC04]