Bastards of Love vs. Geneviève Pasquier – S/T

Next to the new Bastards of Love EP there is also this split EP of this analogue elektro punk act with minimal elektro/industrial queen Geneviève Pasquier. The record is released on a new series of the We Rock Like Crazy label, called Petting Zoo.

Geneviève Pasquier recently released the excellent Pulse 7” on Disorder Records. This time she delivers two more wonderful old school industrial tracks. ‘Fairy Tale’ is a minimal and a bit noisy elektro track. It is a little in the contemporary style of Haus Arafna and very suitable for the dancefloor. The other track ‘Female Senses’ is more experimental and much more noisy.

Bastards of Love again shows the EBM side of itself (like on the new Privatvergnügen release). ‘Wheel of Passion’ is a very catchy track with a nice 80’s feeling to it. ‘Classification’ is more typical in the Bastards of Love style and even a bit like Der Kunstliche Delittant (another project by this musician).

This 4-track split EP is a must have for all fans of contemporary minimal elektro and old school industrial with a clear link to the past.

artist: Bastards of Love
label: Petting Zoo
details: 10” vinyl, 4 tracks [petting zoo 01]