Battery Cage – World Wide Wasteland

Combining harsh guitar riffs with fast beats is what Battery Cage does. And they are good at it. It has been six years since their last album “Product”, but the new album proves it has been worth the wait. Their music has changed quite a lot in this period, but it seems like it only improved.

The record starts out harsh and good with ‘Anti/Angel’, guitars rule this song, but still every clubfloor will enjoy it. Unfortunately the following two songs pull the album down, mainly by an incongruency between vocals and music. The fourth track ‘Mirror Image Enemy’ revenges this and from this point on there are no more bad tracks on this album. It’s not that all the following tracks are strong. In fact there are quite large differences between the songs, some very strong (for instance ‘Caged’, ‘Frozen’ and the Nine Inch Nails alike ‘Hater’), some good nor bad.

Still, looking at the whole record this truly is one I’ll gladly advise to anyone. We’ll certainly hear it spinned in the clubs, when it gets distributed to Europe that is.

artist: Battery Cage
label: Metropolis Records
details: 2004, 11 tracks