Belborn – Belborn

Belborn is a new promising band in the neo-folk genre. I do not know much about this band, that I discovered recently. The cd comes in a nice digipack, the bandname is written in runes. Belborn was brought into being by Holger F. and Susanne H. They present melancholic and heroic folk with German lyrics. The texts are printed both in German and in English. The music is rather varied throughout the cd and of a constant high level. Although Belborn demonstrates a love of old ways, the sound is not so traditional, they have no fear of electronica, and some tracks have a new wave feel. Although there seem to be quite a lot of bands in this genre lately, Belborn definitely has its own sound and qualities. The melodies are very good and powerful, they remain in your head for some time. A dark melancholic feeling is present throughout the cd. Some lyrics deal with war and struggle, but there are also more fragile lovesongs. My favourite tracks: “Schwarze Glut” and “Untertan”, of which there is, as a secret track, an English version at the end of the album.

artist: Belborn
label: World serpent