Bellakun, The – Bendición Maldita

Both The Bellakun and their label Has Anyone Ever Told You?, both from Texas, were completely unknown to me until I received this album. The band consists of four members, with a pretty basic line-up of guitar, drum, bass, keyboards and vocals. The Bellakun was formed in 2004 and this is their second album, which should be out in early October 2005.

Judging from the album title (Bendicion Maldita roughly translates as “cursed blessing”) and the names of the members, the Bellakun has a Hispanic background, but the lyrics of the elf songs are in English. Apparently two members also active in another band called Egon, which has a longer history.

In general terms the music can be described as indie rock, which is adorned by piano and subtle orchestral elements. Especially the dynamic instrumental parts play a prominent role. There are some moody post-rockish songs like ‘Optimism of a deceitful heart’, but also lively, cheerful songs like ‘Hey Mr. Arbusto’, which reminds me of Weezer or even The Polyphonic Spree.

An ’emotional’ piano-driven song like ‘What we both want’ could perhaps appeal to Coldplay-fans. The prize song for me though is the upbeat ‘Can you feel it’, which is very danceable with some 80’s electro undertones and which should be a big indie hit.
Though I’m not the closest follower of indie rock, this album by the Bellakun certainly manages to entertain me.

artist: Bellakun, The
label: Has Anyone Ever Told You?
details: 11 tracks, 50 min, 2005