Bestia Centauri – The Antediluvian Earth

After an EP on Somnabulant Corpse, now the second release of Bestia Centauri, in a nicely designed gatefold A5 sleeve. Inside you’ll find a text by the famous surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico, who tells about an old book he read as a child with the title ‘The Antediluvian Earth’, about a landscape from the Tertian epoch in which man did not yet exist.
This release continues the path which was explored on the Bestia Centauri’s debut, with an experimental electronic sound and a dark, mysterious atmosphere. The 4 compositions on this cd-r together are good for more than 3 quarters of an hour of intriguing music. Bestia Centauri’s music is said to be influenced by early Tangerime Dream, avantgarde classical composers like Ligeti and elctroacoustic pioneers like Xenakis. Nevertheless some elements certainly remind of industrial or dark ambient examples.

Most sounds on the album are not pleasing to the ear, with high frequencies and metallic and reverberating sounds. The compositions are certainly not melodic, but a bit chaotic, with strange flowing layers. Still you get the impression that the artist has everything in a tight grasp. Though the sound is a bit droney at times, the tracks are not minimal, they move back and forth. At times the music sounds dense and clasutrophobic, with some sparse intervals that give you some room to breathe. Altough there are four separate tracks, I get the feeling that there is one long flow of music. The overall mood is very mysterious and occult, taking you to otherwordly rituals. An elusive record by Bestia Centauri, with a frightening atmosphere from which it is hard to escape.

artist: Bestia Centauri
label: Afe Records
details: 150 copies. 4 tracks, 48 min.