Bestia Centauri – Uubbo-sathla

A cdr with a strange title in a striking green cover. This EP, which contains three tracks, is the debut release of Bestia Centauri. For half an hour you are taken on a trip to a strange underworld, or is it a place in another milkyway? Bestia Centauri refrains from rhythms and voices, but creates sonic soundscapes, making carefully built up ambient music. I think it is really well done, unless many other ambient releases this is more than just background noise, although the style is rather minimal. The sounds are original and the atmosphere is pretty dark, with deep drones. If you like artists like Lustmord then Bestia Centauri is a name to look out for.

I must add that the descriptions of this act are as good as the music itself. To quote a bit from the website of Somnambulant Corpse: “Within the constellation Lupus, near Alpha Centauri, the Beast of Centaurus lurks in his lair of dark matter. From these indescribable, non-Euclidean dimensions, Cthulhu-like, he invades and permeates the dreams of his avatars: those individuals and entities, such as Gyorgy Ligeti, early 1970’s-era Tangerine Dream, Lustmord, and Erich Zann, whose natures leave them receptive to his electro-magnetic emanations.”

artist: Bestia Centauri
label: Somnambulant Corpse
details: cdr ep