Beta Evers – Confusion

This is the third lp in the Crème Eclipse serie, and the most interesting until now. The Crème Eclipse serie, is being released in a mysterious form: black sleeve (only with small sticker), black label, transparent vinyl and no track listing. Part one and two were by The Omni Incentive and Kassen.

Beta Evers took care of this third release. Behind this artists name is Brigitte Enzler, the boss of the German Kommando 6 label. Normally she produces dark and minimal electro sounds. Confusion is a little bit different from that, the music is still dark and minimal but there are very evident acid influences on this record. The record opens with a very moody and dark electro/acid track on which the acid bass line works a bit hypnotizing. Other tracks on this release are also more or less trance arousing due to the acid bass lines and sounds and slow tempo. Still most songs are dancefloor friendly. But, the slower songs are also very good (if not better) due to the dark atmosphere
that surrounds the listener.

Confusion proves Beta Evers not only knows how to tackle electro but also acid. This record is essential for dark electronic fans, but also people who like underground acid sounds won’t be disappointed.

artist: Beta Evers
label: Crème Organization
details: 5 track ep [Crème Eclipse 03]