Beta Evers – Eruption

It has been awhile since Beta Evers released a record, let alone on her own label. She has always fused her dark elektro music with classic EBM and acid influences. This is still present on this new EP. So, expect some authentic EBM sounds and not the mediocre contemporary style that only carries the name.

Opening track ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ features Beta Evers singing. Which is a new element to her music. The slowed down tempo EBM and the vocals are very much done in an 80’s tradition. This track is a good example of how modern EBM can still sound authentic.

‘Move In My Body Rhythm’ is more acid influenced, and features dark and pounding beats. Also, in the background there are some vocals by XNDL. One track that doesn’t really fit well on this EP is ‘Eruptive’. It is a rather slick and poppy track, somewhat in the futurepop style. I am sure some people will like this but this is not the true Beta Evers.

Luckily the record ends with a very dark and moody track. ‘Destination Lost’ is a slow and deep track, and the best on this record.
Too bad for the poppy track, as the other three pieces on this EP are really good. Eruption is anyhow still an excellent Beta Evers release.

artist: Beta Evers
label: Kommando 6
details: 12”, 4 tracks [K6 ­ XX]