Beyond Sensory Experience – Korrelations

Not long after completing a trilogy of the albums “Tortuna”, “Ratan” and “Urmula”, Beyond Sensory Experience is back with a new cd. Again the duo combines experimental ambient music with scientific subjects. “Korrelations” is related to the aforementioned trilogy and contains some alternative versions of older material. The original idea was to release the four albums in a limited box. But the album can be perfectly enjoyed on its own. By the way, a new album of BSE called “Pursuit of Pleasure” has recently been released by Cold Meat Industry.

The music on “Korrelations” is a quite varied affair, though you could say that dark ambient forms the foundation. There are plenty of nice slow and atmospheric tracks to enjoy, like ‘Korrelations’, ‘The two-trace problem’ and ‘Inside Erasmus’s Bed’. Quite suprising is ‘Urmula’, a rhythmic, percussive piece with ritual elements and even some oriental sounds towards the end. A very interesting track is ‘Yes Satan’, which contains such a variety of elements, including postpunk and breakbeat influences, that it’s hard to describe, but it’s a very good listening trip. The same can be said of the album as a whole. Just like the three previous albums, this is certainly interesting listening material, which deserves attentive listening.

artist: Beyond Sensory Experience
label: Old Europa Cafe
details: 11 tracks, 2004 [OECD 070]