Beyond Sensory Experience – Pursuit Of Pleasure

This cd opens with a haunting and spooky ambient track with a sampled voice, a piano melody and some dark electronic background sounds. A very unpleasant feeling is created and this feeling is present during the whole listening experience of this record.

Beyond Sensory Experience takes the listener on a trip through dark musical landscapes, nightmares and scary experiences. Sometimes there seems to be some rays of light but this is mostly quickly turned into the next dark passage, or at least an unpredictable moment.

Pursuit Of Pleasure is like a more typical dark ambient version of Biosphere or a more clear electronic and haunting version of Temps Perdu?. I can only recommend this record. It will appeal to anyone interested in dark intriguing sounds.

artist: Beyond Sensory Experience
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 10 tracks [CMI137]