Beyond Sensory Experience – Ratan

“Ratan” is the third & final part of the Beyond Sensory Experience trilogy, after “Tortuna” and “Urmula”. Again it conatins subtle, contemplative soundscapes, with exoteric and scientific inspirations.

The first track ‘The last operation’ is surprisingly orchestral. ‘Observing the invisible’ continues the classical elements, with female choirs and flutes, but also a dark ambient background and some ominous drums. ‘Inside Erasmus’ s head’ has more of a ritual, experimental sound, while ‘Future Directions’ is a slow, brooding soundscape, filled with tension, just like the long ‘Numbers rule the universe’, which also contains intriguing voices talking. The slow, meditiative ‘Time-traveller’s dilemma’ forces you to concentrated listening and is a highlight. The trilogy ends with the epic ‘The state of the world’, just as it should be, with a hypnotic voice being ‘dazed and confused’.

Again an album which you only appreciate if you take your time to let the sounds enter your ears. Certainly worthwhile, and probably my favourite part of the trilogy.

artist: Beyond Sensory Experience
label: Old Europa Cafe
details: 9 tracks [oecd 064]