Beyond – Shadeworld

A self-released cd by Beyond which comes in a dvd-case. ‘Shadeworld’ contains five long soundscapes in a rather minimal style. Slow drones, sparse synth sounds, only the most necessary sound layers. Your fantasy has to do the rest to imagine a ‘shadeworld’. Desolate music with a strong feel of isolation. My favourite track ‘Within’ sounds rather solem and ritual and the deep bass makes my speakers tremble. Beyond creates soundscapes for patient people. The music is not spectacular, sometimes you even forget that it is playing. Perhaps therefore Beyond advives on the sleeve to listen with headphones. It makes me think a little of the dark ambient releases on the Cyclic Law label, though with an even more empty sound.
“Shadeworld” is available via NULLL Records.

artist: Beyond
label: self-released
details: 5 tracks, 72 min.